Friday, October 26, 2012


As a video editor, I feel like I should get appraise for getting in a step closer to where I want to be.
In the last past month, I've been editing with Gary under New York Film Festival interviews with every film director, writers, and authors of this year.
Its an amazing experience working with celebrities but I was really excited about Denzel Washington new featured film. He is the star of course in the movie, but the director and producer Robert Zemeckis gets the spotlight along with Denzel at the New Yorks Film Festival. Robert is  well respected with award winning movies like Cast Away with Tom Hanks, and becomes vividly conducted as he talks about the making of "Flight" and why he has Denzel as his star movie.

So I'm releasing some behind the producers mind on creating this great movie. Check out Robert Zemeckis as he share his interlude on "Flight".

Can't let you miss out of the coverage of Denzel Washington and all the other extraordinary characters/actors giving us a little personal synopsis on the movie.

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