Friday, February 10, 2012

I've been working with Full Sail University creative department call Platinum Creative, whom my teacher Mrs. Kate from Artist and Team Management class in EBMS program hook me up with.
We have been working on projects for the Magics and the other sports media where I've been responsible for editing content for full sail online. Interesting huh?

Yeah but yesterday I was able to help shoot a commercial with platinum creative and Sparks team, which is a student video production program at full sail. They give students the opportunity to use top of the line equipment like the 7D Cannon with monitors, lit kit, and much more. And they work on local video projects like ESPN Monday night football, or interviews with the Magics basketball team. Exciting huh?

Oh yeah, back to what I was saying. We shot a commercial with 7D Cannons, not weapons, for the Orlando Magics mascot STUFF.
That's what he look like by the way. The commercial was about him tackling a fan for throwing away his ticket. The purpose of this commercial is to advertise Tijuana's Flat, a taco restaurant which are giving away free tacos for your purchased tickets.

Great commercial shoot, I've gain a lot of experience shooting with a 7D Cannon and now I'm about to help edit the video. I was able to sneak a few behind the scenes clips with my camera phone. Got to love technology. 
You will be able to see this commercial during the all-star game on the big jumbo Tron during half-time.
Don't miss out! Peace

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