Tuesday, October 18, 2011

MNF at Full Sail University

Full Sail University creative department has team up with ESPN for the first time this year, building a studio within the campus. Its call ESPN sports lab and it’s where students and classes gets to experience first hand on how ESPN works. ESPN also allows opportunities for students to be apart of their broadcast production on TV for example, Monday Night Football opening scene.
The opening for Monday Night Football is now produced and shot at Full Sail University Live Venue, for the first time ever. This is a grand opportunity for most students in the film department, show productions department, and everyone else who wants to be apart of this event. Even I was granted the opportunity to be apart of this. My class professor who connected me with a worker from Full Sail University creative department informed me. Having to work with him before for NBA Orlando Magic’s, I was able to help edit the video shoots for MNF on Full Sail University campus.

Hank Williams Jr. a famous country singer in the music industry also performed the opening for Monday Night Football. “Are you ready for some football”, is the name of the song opening for MNF. The shoot went perfectly well and when it came to editing the video shoot, even better. After the first production for MNF was made, ESPN wanted Full Sail University to permanently be their official production site.

Eventually things went wrong when Hank Williams Jr. appeared on Fox news as a guest and openly bashed president Obama on national T.V. A major shock to America and even more disappointment to ESPN and Full Sail University, he was quickly removed from the show.

This event happened two weeks ago, and since then everyone was looking for Hank Williams Jr. to apologize. But he didn’t, matter of a fact he made worse comments towards the situation, which sealed the deal on being completely drop from MNF. Now ESPN is looking for another artist to perform for the new MNF opening, and they will still be shooting at Full Sail University.
You can find more information about MNF and Hank Williams Jr. at these sites: ESPN.com, Foxnews.com…

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