Monday, August 8, 2011

Got Bars? Story of the Battle Rap....

Charlie Hustle a good friend of mines and encouraging rapper visits me in Florida for his own cause, this week. He's ancient to explore new environments and discover new stories for his development with rapping also brought him to Florida. Taking this leap of faith to expand and express his talent has been a success so far within just days. A rap battle event last Saturday call “Got Bars?” really brought an opportunity of inspiration.
Charlie Hustle is currently staying with me in my apartment living room for about a week. The rap battle was a success because in majority votes he was favored for his creative talent to freestyle verbally. He battles three other talents from different area codes, who after matching with Charlie Hustle had much respect for him.
Charlie Hustle goals while down here in Florida is to network, develop his talent, and visit his long-time family nearby. After he leaves this state, Hustle shared with me that he will continue to travel and spread his talent to get discovered.
He is originally from the state of Virginia, but currently lives in North Carolina where I met him as my college roommate in 2006-7. We are still close friends and are both striving for success, wealth, and knowledge.
If you want to know Charlie Hustle for you self find him on face book
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Listen to his music here… HustleDaGod

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