Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Bamn site is finally up!
Another successful development and project that we was able to put together, to outsource out talent and work!
Lukes Hogan, Derrick 'blu' Fisher, Clarence 'Me' Young, and SunDog are the founders of this company and the overseer's to greatness.
Here is some information about the bamn website and what we do cordially!

B.A.M.N. (By Any Means Necessary) Entertainment ensures quality and excellent service to local campaign events and venues. This organization was founded by a group of college students who envisioned a concept of combining their talents together to create effective entertaining events. B.A.M.N. was designed to promote companies and extend public relation exposures through video, radio, and online content. Currently, we have specialized experience in local college events and public venue conventions. We use public service announcement curriculums to broadcast an organized function a company wishes to advertise to the public. Our core constructive element of promoting is through commercial (radio or television).

We produce an independent commercial shoot for a company call Nickle, which is a cologne and fragrance company! Derrick 'Blu' Fisher, one of the founders, consistently uses their brand call Enemy, a sensual cologne spray for men. So since he is a loyal customer of this product we used him to star in the commercial shoot expressing what this brand means to him.
Hear is the commercial:
Hopefully we can get Nickel to sponsor us to do more commercial's for their company!

So what is Bamn? Its a branding, advertising, marketing, and networking company, where we do movies, party's, community events, and music. The next thing for us to accomplish is to get the world to know who bamn is? What does bamn do? and what does bamn means to you?

Take this survey about the online media comparing to offline media. The drastic changes that are being made and how it has affect your life. I look back from how things were in the 1990's compare to the 2000's. We don't talk the same, act the same, think the same, and function daily because of the influence the online media has cause. Im only 25 years old, but I can truly say that history has been made more than an average lifetime.

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