Thursday, July 28, 2011

MK Legacy Outbreak

Mortal Kombat is an old video game that came out in the early ninety’s or very late eighty’s I cannot truly remember because I was still young! But I have been a fan ever since my mom and dad brought me a saga genesis for the first time for Christmas. I was overjoyed with that video game system and the video game, which I cannot actually recall when and where I got that mortal kombat video game. One true fact is that I remember being crazy addictive to that game, playing everyday. Yeah anyway, as the years past and as I started growing up and away from video games I still was a fan on the evolution of Mortal Kombat as they kept remaking and developing the game. When the first movie came out in 1995 according to and I feel in love with the actual story of MK. Most video gamers don’t really pay attention to the story lines, which most video games do have. They just always trying to compete, win, and gain a reputation for gaining points on video games. So after the first movie, which did ok in the theaters, they came out with part two in 1997 call MK Annihilation. That movie was awful with bad acting, graphics, and fighter coming from a moviemaker and a martial artist myself. There hasn’t been any more productions lately because of the past movie has crashed until now.
According to Examiner writer Mark Leicht, Mortal Kombat is being revise through YouTube. So the news is there is an indie film director who decided to write, produce, and film a mortal kombat teaser call MK Rebirth and posted on YouTube. Well it build such a buzz and convince a lot of people that it was real that some endorser’s approach this young director and now they are really making another movie of Mortal Kombat call Rebirth which comes out in 2012. So they remade the teaser into a five to six minute trailer with real actors staring Michael J White as one of the characters name Jax with Jeri Ryan as Sonya Blade. The hit on you tube and been hype ever since that first release and fans has been asking for more info and trailers of the new movie coming out next year. After the fan base triple Kevin Tancharoen has been privileged to produce and franchise all the characters of Mortal Kombat in mini series to continue the hype for the movie. These webisodes are about ten minutes each and tell the back-story of the main characters and fighters of mortal kombat leading up to the actual tournament. I have seen nine different episodes so far and believe me it meets it expectation and some even more.
These videos can be found on and also but comic con and others are taken advantage of the MK franchising to build viewers and fans onto their website as well. The funny and strange thing about this new trend is Nether Realm Studio who produces all the games had nothing to do with the rebirth of MK.
I can’t wait for the actual movie coming out next year in 2012. #Leggo

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