Thursday, June 2, 2011

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Gov. Arnold S. Splits up with wife:
Mobile devices as security risk for companies…
What do you know about itunes legal terms?

These are the sites that I have chosen base for on court cases that has affected the entertainment business.
My business concentrates in film/television entertainment as well as Internet marketing and promotion.
I am the co founder for Bamn Entertainment, which is a business organization displaying branding, marketing, networking, and advertising.
In our business the legal aspect is very important to stay on top of and so reading the articles above helps us to stay aware.
Even though Arnold Schwarzenegger is the governor of California he is still know as an action pack movie hero and celebrity. So the fact that him and his wife split up shocks the entertainment world and the courts sourcing out from CNN.
ITunes issues on the their legal terms brings attention to the entertainment media on CNN. The issue was first brought up on Saturday Night Live and carried on throughout CNN that people really don’t read the terms and conditions before signing on iTunes. The terms and conditions of iTunes are on page 56 and is very long. Key clauses are on Genius, loss of purchases, and licensing, the website will give you more details about them. This is knowledge you should know about!

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