Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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By Clarence Young

Podcast videos:
1. ABA Forum: Entertainment Law Litigation Review
Video length: 74mins and 34secs
American Bar Association in 2007
This is a forum of legal panelist discussing copyright cases and fair use with the media industry. Focus on music and film industrial fields the cases are informative supplying preparation for problems with future content! I learned how fair use is a very sensitive content that most people will bring up when they are involved in any exposing media content. The key issue for most of the case summarized to be a transformative use, which defends against random accusations of fair use. Cases discussed were the screenwriters of the film Dodge ball, Internet companies on fair use, and also family guy animated TV series v. Burnett.

2. The Federalist Society for law and public policy studies presents…
The Scurvy of Hollywood: International Film Piracy and the Pirate Bay Cases. Made April 13, 2010 @ Indiana University Maurer School of Law Bloomington, IN
Video Length: 1hour 4mins, 31secs
So you have three professional instructors in a panelist discussing about piracy against Hollywood films. They describe the strength of illegal piracy that has been affecting the prosperity of the film/movie industry, which is technology.
Piracy has progress to over 18 billion dollars advantage over movies because of technology convenient accesses. Pirate Bay Cases was one major criminal case that obtains a high level of copyright infringements against Hollywood film. Basically stealing all new release movies from the film company. This is an important update to know about piracy as a movie producer, for you can be injured from over use of piracy on your very own movies. The panelist talks about actions that can be taken; connecting with networks and societies who are checking Internet histories in school, public connections, and else where. Legislation is taken action too by tightening up the law for piracy organizations and companies bringing down piracy contents offline. Piracy is a major problem to both the music industry and film, but because of legal actions against piracy! It is slowly decreasing and the film industry is still fighting for the right to make and distribute movies without being robbed. It needs to be stop or it will be hard for guys like me especially to succeed in the film industry!

3. Conversations with Channer!
Inside with Alejandro R. Feo 6-14-11 Original air-date…
Video Length: 57mins and 54secs.
Alejandro R. Feo is a music composer and famous lecturer. He has been very successful with his music composition but has gone thru some battles on copyrights and fair use. With many cases on copyrights, Alejandro has never lost a case and always been successful with keeping his work protected. One key advice that he mention and that will help me is to always keep it on paper! Whether its musical, writing, ideas, composition, or anything you create write it on paper to have documented.

I have learned a lot from watching these hour-long videos, but to be successful in the career that I’m planning to take. I must learn from other related news, events, and company mistakes for I can be prepared for anything that comes my way. Any thing I don’t have knowledge of, at the end of the day it’s nobody’s fault by mines.

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