Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Contract...

Creating a signing business contracts. Very important, demanding, and underrated when it comes to variety of business making deals with other companies to planning an event. Bamn entertainments are rising to become more of a proprietor type of company managing social extracurricular events experiences development of negotiation contractive business ordeal.
BAMN Entertainment is developing a production event call the CYPHER! This is like an exposure of hip-hop and various music talents coming together to create a collage of entertainment music. The key concept of the cypher is having everyone to produce one-track mix improving with each other. The cypher can consist an unlimited participates to rap and sing.
This event was planned and coordinated by Bamn board member 'Blu'. He manages creative development and DJ's for every event we have.
So after we planned the event and we started writing a contract to sign up for the Cypher as a music artist. After the contract was written, it then was sent and edited by our president Lukes Hogan and overviewed by our Public Relation Jesyca Giles...
So what does the contract consist of, well is simple. The contract helps promote and expose the artist and their label or who ever they represent. It has four different provisions the audio and recording clause, distribution clause, agreement section, and the gag order. Basically all describes how to protect us from the forgery and stealing the cypher event idea.
So what is our goal for this project, well that’s simple too! We will video shoot the Cypher and stream it online Live! www.Ustream.com
After shooting it we will edit and distributed it to the artist in a DVD or CD format, which ever the artist prefers. This event should produce a buzz for online social media that will entice people to want to buy the DVD or CD in the Orlando area.

Here is an example of a Musical Cypher made by Kanye West!

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