Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Negotiation Interview with Pete Soto...

            I had interviewed Pete Soto Director of Advertising, production, and In-game marketing for the Carolina Hurricanes hockey team. I use to foreshadow the producer and video editor name Don Sill who set me up with an interview with his manager who is Pete Soto. I originally wanted to interview Don but he recommended me to Pete Soto, because he told me, “Pete is always making the big decisions over hear, he’s my boss.”
            When I use to hang around their production department, which is located at the very top of this big huge coliseum, the closed meetings had me figure out that they were negotiating something. Carolina Hurricanes is located in Raleigh, N.C, which is my hometown and every hockey game was pretty much aired, broadcast, and produced by these guys. Here are some of the questions that was given and answered by Pete Soto the Director. I ask for name and occupation and he responded “Pete Soto Director of Advertising, Production and In-Game Marketing.” I ask him did he enjoy negotiations? He responded, “I wouldn’t say I enjoy them but they are necessary in business.” Tell me about your last negotiation or deal making! He responded, “It was a trade negotiation for services to tickets.” What were the objective criteria? He responded, “Getting the services I wanted in exchange for season tickets.” How did you separate the people from any problems that occurred? He responded, “It was all about the vendors desires versus mine.” What was your positioning during the negotiation? He responded, “I wanted more then the tickets were worth and I had to negotiate to achieve this.” What were you BATNA, best alternative to a negotiated agreement! He responded, “I added parking passes and future considerations to enhance the deal.” How did you feel about the negotiation after the agreement was made if it was made? He responded, “I felt I had achieved the desired goal.” Finally I gave him last question of the day as he sighed with relief. If you had to change anything what would you change? He responded, “I would have quantified the work exchanges from the vendors in more detail.”
In conclusion, Pete Soto was very blunt about how he negotiates during meetings. He pretty much explains how he wants to make more money from ticket sales. I really like how he stated that in order to separate the people from the problems, you should stick to what you really want or desire verses your opponent. In this case everyone can focus on what they need to do to get what they want and at the same time give the other negotiator what they want. Pete’s reached his negotiation goal after he offered some future enhancement deals and parking passes. 
Check out the hurricanes online at http://hurricanes.nhl.com/ or RBC Hockey!

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