Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Financing my studio

Working on my master program all students have to come up with a business plan that I’m planning on investing and proposing a film studio.

It is vague on building this business because film studios are entirely huge in demographic, industrial, and economical.

I have learned to execute a plan to propose my business, and then I learned to display and manage my project in building this proposal plan. Then you have to come up with a brand and logo for your company. My brand and logo, YPS is a developing process for my film studio company.

Still building on business aspects for YPS I am now working on the financial issues for film studios. Whoa! This changes everything now, well does it really? Maybe or maybe not, because learning how to finance a studio company is way different from most to all other business.

Film studios have been making money off theaters and dvd sales after spending so much money on post production and advertising which sales profit would never replenish the money spent to get the money out there.

www.scribd.com have an article call ‘Hollywood demystified’ by Edward Jay Epstein who research the world of finance in Hollywood to see how they were making money.

Basically Edward concluding that film studios weren’t making money currently through box office ticket sales or through DVD sales but Edward explains that they were making money through T.V licensing.

He also gives example for newcomers and indie films to compete with the big dogs in the film industry. Like selling you content overseas and distributing you work to online networks and television because these will give increase your budget while minimizing you actual spending expenses. These methods definitely out weighs big company studios because of the larger amount spending money for advertisement.

I have a lot to do, so if any have any suggestion, comments, or question about financing a Film Studio hit my blog up!

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