Monday, March 7, 2011

Financing and Budgeting films...

Working on a film now is very exciting, involve, and productive. Requiring every aspect of creativity that one person can have and still won't be enough. That’s why it is important to have a crew and team members to converge multiples creative contents and ideas.

Currently working on a Film with SunDog Shoots LLC requires a lot observation which I'm capable of taking advantage of because I'm not the producer or director. I'm working as a PA or production assistant who pretty much does what everyone tells him to. I like it because I can learn a little to a lot about something or somebody involve in shooting the film.

When working on a film you have to pre plan, coordinate, and most importantly budget whatever you invest in to the film. Prices for accessories, crewmembers, and location and venues, and have course the actual production. State tax rebates and tax breaks are what many studios and film production companies are really settling to continue making movies. (

Film Budget online also gives you advise and connection opportunities to learn how to apply quality budgeting for a film. Like paying for cast and members, show production, wardrobe, location, pre and postproduction. This really is harder on many film companies because the states are required everyone to spent less on movies.

This film I’m working on now is definitely what is known to be a low budget film. I calculate in my mind the time we spend on this film and realize that time is definitely money. That’s why planning and scheduling is a very key concept to have because not only it keeps things on track but it also save’s money.

Many film companies are now going green to save money that has been wasted from using too much energy in studios. Hollywood especially has been crack down on the amount of money being spent. When Hollywood was held back on making big budget movies it affected the whole nation with wide film production. But Indie films are on the rise, which are helping the states because people are buying and watching low budget films. There will always be film and media entertainment because people need that entertainment in their lives.

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