Friday, February 4, 2011

Social Connections...

Are people evolving or descending through social technology?
That’s a question that I always ask my self every time I walk around campus watching people constantly glued into their phones or laptops. Social network has pretty much taking over the major businesses all over the world because of the demand for it.
Amber Case from TED.Com is a cyborg anthropologist who observes people and their interactions with the digital networks. Amber share’s her ideas and knowledge of her work call “We are all Cyborgs now”. This video she talks about her studies as an Anthropologist studying human interaction with the social and digital network. One of her discussion topics was call “self reflection”, which describes how people are always busy in the social and digital network that they start to loose themselves into this technology. The technology are starting to become more humanoid through human activity evolve into a new species. We are being more computerized while they become more humanize.
This is almost scary in a certain sense to me because it’s so unprecedented on how our future will turn out. We have become too reliable with technology and are very unreliable with each other or worse ourselves.
I feel like we are becoming more of a collective race intellectually through these technologies all over the world. Although I feel like we are people dying as a physical organism because we put too much time and energy into technology.
If you take care of you outer body anatomy you will be strong and clean but with out taking care of your inner body it will still breakdown! Same thing goes for social behavior comparing interaction with other people and interactions with technology only!

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