Friday, February 25, 2011


I have been watching videos of Gary Vaynerchuk on YouTube where he does interviews and speeches about how to market and brand yourself or your company. Very inspiring and informative on how he gives you clues to building your product to the top of the market. One comment he made that stuck with me during one of his mock interviews was a topic on contents. “Content is king, its value never lowers, and its importance never higher!” It its important to me to get my business on every social and media contents online everyday sending contents to those sites while getting audiences to be knowledgeable about YPS.
There are a few company related associations that I can work with and register under to get my name out there. Companies like Writers Guild of America association where I can publish, share, and get ideas for my screenwriting.  You can find them at or Other associations are Motion Pictures Association of America and IMBD (The Internet Movie Database).
For journalist or companies into broadcasting and news can connect with companies like National Association of Broadcasters ( or National Association of Black Journalist.
            YPS (Young’s Production Studios) is a entertainment and media facility distributing indie films and national premier movies. Currently working on a website I blog every month on current news in the media industry. Writing scripts, editing, new release movies, studio companies, and other topics related to industry will be responsive every time any of my viewers leave a comment.

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