Saturday, January 15, 2011

From a Writer’s View!

       Writers all over in all different fields and genre’s have their reasons for what they write about and why they’re writing for. Looking into some famous writer’s and non-famous writers point of view, lets start with Tyler Perry. He grew up in poverty and an abusive environment but looking in the direction of hope he starts writing about his life and the struggling aspects within them. Expressing his true feelings throughout his journey through writing was his founding key to success. (

       Quentin Tarantino had a passion for movies all his life and he really wanted to express his unique ideas of his own kind of movies.  He started off as a video clerk and from there began writing screenplays. His ideas were bouncing off of everything he learned about movies working as a video clerk. He started his career off as an actor on the episode of the Golden Girls as an Elvis impersonator while taking classes and working as a video archives in California. He desired to make movies exactly the way he imagine them, clever, twisted, thrilling, and violent. (Movies and T.V)
Now other writers, actors, producers, or just the film itself motivates some big time writers. While writers like Tyler Perry and Spike Lee were motivated by the hard times and cultural struggles that would reach to like minded people. Spike Lee critical look at race relation, political issues, and urban race and violence sparked his creativity from writing to successful films. (Spike Lee biography)
       There are creative writers flooding the local areas, but don’t really get notice. Like Tony Armer who is a writer and a producer with his company Sunscreen film festival. You can check him out at! Also Royce Mathew, who is a screenwriter with many credentials, actually sued Walt Disney and writers Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio for stealing his screenplay for Pirates of Caribbean. It’s sad to see how people tend to steal ideas from others because of their lack of creativity or motivation. Words of wisdom, “A copy will always be a copy and can never be the original.” You can check Royce Mathew out at!

       I love to write about the point of views in my life! The reason being is because I view everything so differently from everyone else. It makes me feel kind of special. Charlie Hustle who is a lyricist writes and uses his words to not only express his feeling or point of view, but also to interpret other views in life! His words carries variable meanings than what you actually see or hear check him out at  Struggles, hurt, pain, desires, love and much more are what sparks up many ideas for writers. I look into them all wanting them to overcome me for I can overcome the essentials for being a great writer.


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