Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The concept of Man!

          Just a work of knowledge about the concept of man including woman since we are one and same race! Overnight when you cannot sleep you start thinking about the purpose and outcome of your life as a man and what its purpose to women. I start to get a slight understanding and start to realize that we are completely off path or better put off balance as a human race. The reason can be varied in so many terms and dialects but I truly believe that everything start going downwards to destruction through the heart. See lets start with woman, and don’t worried this passage is not to bash women. Women are positive on the outside and negative on the inside, which describes beauty and elegance of a woman but a powerful characteristic. As for man where they are negative on the outside but positive on the inside, not saying that men are soft but on the inside they must have compassion, poetry, and art. Then comes out as fire and power being able to penetrate all possibilities.
Better description would be the outlet on the wall and a plug line. The outlet on the wall seems neutral and harmless and you really cannot get any effect from it until you penetrate it. The compatible device would be the plug, which refers to man, penetrates the outlet to retrieve a great amount of power from it to create current or produce a certain type of project like a lamp. Now understand that the plug retrieves power from the outlet meaning that the outlet holds a tremendous amount of energy to reproduce like women in the inside. The only way that energy can be release to reproduce is through a compatible penetration device like men. Understand compatibility, for if a device that is not compatible with the outlet somehow penetrates the outlet it can cause unbearable destruction.  Stick a broken plug into the outlet it can cause a fire and damage not only an object like a lamp but also your home or building. The women is that power so you have to be very careful with them.
See the problem today is that man and woman are completely out of balance base on men plugs are broken or a woman’s outlet has be improperly penetrated. So now a great shift of the earth is affective because of us. So how is that and who’s to blame? Great question but first let’s get into the astrological concept of man. The astrological theory describes three major elements through the year for both man and woman. Air, fire, and water! These elements are totally different but yet are all one in the same and one definite trait that they share is being unpredictable. Air person can manipulate fire causing it to flare higher, water cannot flow with air because it is too heavy but air can control water in the direction it flows through its power. As with fire main object is to burn as much as possible consuming all in its way but unwillingly fire can be consume by the depth of water. Each element affects the other directed by sun and stars creating a timeline, which is the year, and the time is the seed of life thus creating man! If the fire does not burn there will be no light, if the air does not move there will be not atmosphere, and if the water does not flows then there will be no life. Man and woman each contain at least one element that is not being use properly today causing the timeline to retract and allowing the creation of man to extinct. Harsh right?
Daoism is an ancient philosophy originated in Asia that teaches about the way of life or the order of life. They develop a concept that the universe works in a balance system like positive and negative known as the yin and yang. Every positive creates a negative and every negative creates a positive outcome or reaction. Thus the Tao way is to practice the order of acceptance and find a way to benefit from the order of the universe. Well since women are positive on the outside (beauty) they must be negative on the inside.  Leaving man to be negative on the outside (strength) and they must be positive on the inside. If a woman is negative on the inside and outside its like a burning tree in the forest. If a man is positive on the outside as well as in the inside he will be like stale food, changing nothing in life! If the appropriate concept of man and woman combines with one another they will conduct an order sequence with the universe causing it to expand. For example a cold front in the atmosphere intercepts a hot spot in the atmosphere it creates a completely powerful all consuming form of element like a tornado or hurricane. When women and man gets together properly they will produce the same all consuming and power form of life, which we call a baby!
Now say if man, like today, decides to not complete their order of negative and positivity but rather just be negative or just positive. Yet makes it a purpose to penetrate as many women as possible in their lives, what could be the damage outcome? Well since women are a like a powerhouse outlet the same goes for the earth. The earth is a magnetic sphere that is controlled by the sun, which allows the earth to rotate around the sun. Since the sun is the center of the our solar system it magnetically revolves around our galaxy, which flows in the universe like Jellyfish in an ocean. If the women of the earth were to be damage or misuse it can cause a shift on the earth magnetic field altering the earths magnetic sphere to affect the control that the sun has with the earth. Changing the revolution of our solar system in the galaxy and interrupting the flow of our galaxy in the universe (Cosmology).
How do women connect to the earth? Since man was created from the structures of the earth (dirt) and woman was abstracted from our womb (ribs). We was one that became two just to rejoin as one again just like our fate with the earth. So now man are a sophisticated tool like a key to master or change a superior structure like women causing them to change a certain outcome or environment like the earth. Man produces while women reproduce like a farm that will affect the atmosphere of the earth and life itself. Think of women as a descendant of the earth itself, the earth marvels on beauty, nature, and power and within the mist of it all it creates life. Women are the same way, they marvel with beauty, tunes with nature and all its fruits of nature, and holds power like no other species. In the mist of all of that they’re capable of creating man just like the earth did. So when the women are tainted or damage it affects the earth just like an outlet can damage a home.
Men are to blame in this concept because we have disrupted the balance that the universe has ordered. To many men wants to penetrate but they are too broken, man wants to be too positive giving the world a stale taste, and then other men are just too negative disrupting flow of the universe. How does this happen? Well on a spiritual view when God create man He develop such a love and pleasure for us because He created us in his own image. God not only wanted to share his love with us but wanted us to experience just a little bit of the love and pleasure He had for us. So He made woman as equal companions for us to love and experience pleasure with and to also expand and multiply for this good thing can fill the earth. Now God creating us as His own image gave us the power of free will (conscious) and the ability to create. With these powers we turned against God (the fall of man) and it change our hearts. It’s with in our hearts we first start of change things and since the heart of man is disrupted it affects the mind. The mind looses balance and cannot keep the order of the positive and negative function of their being. When the male malfunctioning being penetrates the female origins then the female becomes corrupt and damage. This cause astrological element like air, fire, and water to break their boundaries causing a shift in the earth magnetic field. The shift of the magnetic field causes the earth’s magnetic sphere imbalance with the sun. Which disrupts the cycle of the solar system. If the cycle of the solar system looses control then the galaxy it becomes cripple and it cannot flow in the universe. Interrupting the flow of other galaxies the universe becomes cluttered causing all types of major catastrophes like, big bang, black hole, or a quantum theory infinite loop. All because of the heart of man, the heart, something that seem so meaningless but yet changes everything. Think about this and tell me what you’re thinking!!!

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